Site Development

Experienced and Dedicated Team, with Vast Knowledge and Strong Industry Relationships

GSS’s knowledgeable and experienced staff have assisted with site development services across the lower 48 States. Our site development team handles Project and Program Management, Construction Management, Tower Acquisition Due Diligence, and C-RAN/Small Cell/DAS Deployments. GSS offices are located in Des Moines and Dallas, and remote employees are located strategically nationwide, ready to oversee full turn-key site development or assist with smaller-scale projects.

Site Development Services


Project and Program Management: Our experienced Site Development team is here to assist with Project and Program Management. GSS has performed project and program management on thousands of projects across the nation. Some examples of our projects include Fiber Installation, LTE and VoLTE upgrades, CSR installations and modifications, wireless capacity upgrades, and many others.

Construction Management: Our site development team is here to assist with construction management projects, large and small scale. Our team is ready to guide projects ranging from full turn-key tower development to site developments, upgrades, and/or enhancements.

Tower Acquisition Due Diligence: GSS has performed audits and regulatory due diligence surveys on thousands of wireless sites across the United States. Our audits and survey work has been performed on behalf of clients who are seeking to better understand the status of co-locatable assets, as well as clients looking to purchase or sell tower portfolios.

C-RAN/Small Cell/DAS Deployments:

    • MLA Negotiations
    • Permitting
    • Zoning
    • Utility Coordination