Small Cell / C-RAN / DAS Deployments

GSS’s Site Development team is a valuable partner for Macro, C-RAN, Small Cell, and DAS Deployments.  We have the experience and capable staff to handle the planning and ongoing management and maintenance of these network expansion projects.

In-House Deployment Focus:

Wireless operators seek ways to minimize the cost of their equipment and minimize their footprint, as demands for connectivity continue to grow.  Through traditional Macro Deployment, Small Cell networks, Centralized Radio Access Network (C-RAN) architectures, and Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS), wireless operators are expanding their coverage and boosting their capacity.  Implementing these technologies requires an experienced and knowledgeable skillset, which GSS provides.

GSS’s areas of expertise;

  • Perform Master Lease Agreement (MLA) negotiations
  • Complete and submit permit applications and all necessary documentation, and correspondence/coordination with jurisdictions
  • Zoning – review and assess jurisdiction requirements vs. carrier network designs and objectives
  • Utility coordination/understanding utility needs for network design, GSS has strong connections with utility contractors, and an experienced management team to lead build-out operations