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For more than two decades, GSS, Inc. has been providing comprehensive environmental and compliance services to a variety of industries.  We are  located in Urbandale, Iowa, but our reach is nationwide.  Our clients coasts-to-coast have relied on us to perform professional, cost-effective environmental analysis on thousands of communication installations and tower sites throughout the Midwest and across the country.  With an outstanding reputation, a strong focus on relationships and vast industry knowledge, you can count on GSS to provide thorough, accurate reporting in a timely manner.

Our Strong Relationships Lead to Success

GSS strives to build and maintain strong relationships with our customers and with State Historical Preservation Offices, the Federal Communications Commission, the United States Fish and Wildlife Service, Native American Tribes and many other state regulatory officials.  These excellent relationships (and our 20 plus years of industry experience) help us to achieve approvals where others may fail.  GSS has successfully gained SHPO approvals for numerous wireless installations on or near National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) and within Historic Districts.  In fact, we were the first to gain approval inside a NRHP district in the state of Iowa. GSS has even secured SHPO and National Parks Services approval for a raw land tower on a National Monument.

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GSS Provides the expertise, research, process management and documentation needed to comply with governmental policies and requirements relevant to the installation of communications transmissions towers and antenna installations.

Our Products Keep Your Projects Progressing

GSS has significant experience in site and construction management.  GSS personnel have worked on hundreds of sites performing construction management, punch list completion, generator installation, compound expansion, third party inspection and management and utility coordination for both new sites and LTE fiber upgrades.  GSS carefully tracks and documents all site activities to insure that deadlines are met and construction standards/expectations are met and exceeded. Project tracking and reporting is tailored to each client and their need and expectations related to the project.  Clients have the benefit of dealing with the same project manager throughout the life of the project.  Project assignments aren’t handed down the chain of command as the projects near completion.  Project managers are highly experienced and have hands-on experience; GSS does not train new managers “on the job.”

    Our staff, along with trusted independent consultants, determines the effect of proposed wireless communcations towers or antenna installations on historic resources, including archaeological sites and historic sites or buildings.  We facilitate these determinations and submit the findings to the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) for review and ultimately, approval.
    The NEPA Evalutaion is the determination of whether or not a communication tower or an antenna would have an effect on the following:

    • Wilderness Areas
    • State Park and Wildlife Preserves

We also provide

  • Environmental Policy/Review Checklists
  • Biological Assessments
  • Compliance Audits/Site Transfer Due Diligence
  • Project and Construction Oversight
    • Network Cell Site Deployment
    • Tower Construction
    • Fiber Projects
    • LTE Overlays
    • Site Modifications